It is always a good reason to celebrate when the treeme family comes together. In the last resort, we do not see each other so often, even though the plantations are in Germany because they are all far apart from each other. And we always have a lot to say to each other at the treeme Come Togethers. We are not exaggerating when we celebrate this event as the highlight of a successful year.

an opportunity for the wood from treeme

"CITES" is a word that makes people mad in the music industry. If somebody has in their luggage a cello that had been made of rosewood, they must reckon that at a border crossing they must provide a corresponding certificate that proves that it had not been made of wood this is on the list of the current treaty on endangered species. There are very good alternatives to the protected tropical woods and this type of wood has been used to make musical instruments for hundreds of years now.

treeme is offering interested parties the opportunity to acquire profit-sharing rights related to the sale of the precious wood of treeme trees. The minimum number of profit-sharing claims is 15. We would be pleased if you contact us for detailed information.