December 2017: How much CO2 do treeme trees compensate for?

The paulownia tree is the tree that has an unbeatable ability to absorb CO2 due to its very rapid growth and its oversized leaves with a diameter of up to 40 cm. A treeme paulownia tree can increase in mass by 12 to 15% in just one year. This results in a correspondingly high degree of CO2 binding / capture. This gives each treeme tree owner the possibility to positively change his own CO2 footprint that we create through our daily activities.

The possibility of positively changing your CO2 footprint arises from the circumstance that after 12 years of growth of our trees on our plantations we exclusively harvest valuable wood that can be turned into high-quality products. As a result, the CO2 that is captured during the period of growth is not released and continues to be bound into the wood.

This is not the case with planting for fuel wood. As a rule, that is harvested every three years and the wood is processed into pellets or wood chips and burnt. As a result, the CO2 that had been bound in the wood is released back into the atmosphere.

Thanks to our unique plant material and the plantation technology that we make use of, we are not only able to harvest exclusively high-quality wood after 12 years but can also generous an enormous growth of mass even in colder climatic zones (see Germany). The more mass, the more CO2 is bound. You could thus also call our trees (or your trees) a "CO2 final repository." That means around 36 tons of CO2 compensation per year per hectare (600 trees to the hectare).

This ecological orientation is an important aspect for our tree owners. The planting of trees is also a sign for sustainable and responsible actions.

See here the information about the certification of our trees for the SGS Institute:

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