The treeme plantations themselves are created as a living eco-system with a major influence on the animal and plant world. Since no specific pests are known of among our native flora and fauna, special prophylactic treatments are not required. Land that is lying unused can be recultivated in a low-impact way by the use of reafforestation with care and consideration and following principles that benefit the environment. A hectare of a treeme paulownia plantation has 600 trees to the hectare and each year these bind around 36 tons of CO2.

The selection and testing of the suitability of the areas in question is handled by Green Wood Service GmbH. They handle the planting, the monitoring and supervision of the trees and are responsible for all the ecological and operative work to be done in connection with the planting of the paulownia. We are constantly on the lookout for new paulownia plantations in Europe that meet the basic preconditions for the growth of these trees.

Buying trees

Treeme is offering interested parties the option to buy lots of 15 trees or more. We would be pleased to provide detailed information on request.

(For residents of Germany, a minimum investment of 200.000 € is currently required.)

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